"Kingdom Hearts": Where to Find the Torn Pages

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In Kingdom Hearts, a new side quest will open up once you complete your first ring of worlds. Cid will have you take a book to a man named Merlin in the Third District of Traverse Town. Look down an alleyway and you will see a door with a flame symbol on it. Cast fire on it, and then jump over the rocks to get to Merlin's house.

Merlin has a magical book which contains the world of the Hundred Acre Woods. Pooh is inside, but all of his friends and the places he loved have vanished. To restore Pooh's world and reunite him with his friends, you'll need to find Torn Pages across the worlds and bring them back to Merlin. Once you have a page, you can go inside and play a minigame to continue the story of the world. Eventually, you'll be able to seal the world's keyhole, saving Pooh and friends from the Heartless for good. Here's a guide on where to find every Torn Page.

Torn Page #1: Traverse Town

To earn Traverse Town's Torn Page, simply find 51 Dalmatian puppies, and then Pongo and Perdita will give you a chest with a Torn Page inside. If you need help finding enough puppies, you can check out my guide here. Finding your first page will allow you to unlock the Honey Tree area of the Hundred Acre Wood. Complete the Pooh's Honey Hunt minigame to receive the Naturespark stone, which allows you to summon Bambi in battle. Lock on to all of the bees and hit them away from Pooh so he can get 100 licks of the honey before the timer runs out.

Torn Page #2: Agrabah

For Agrabah's Torn Page, you'll need to fly on the magic carpet to the desert and enter the Cave of Wonders. Go through the entrance area and head into the Hall. Jump down into the black void, and you'll land in the Dark Chamber. You should see a chest in front of you on some steps, and this chest contains the Torn Page. With your second page, you'll unlock Rabbit's House in the book, and you'll be able to play the Block Tigger minigame to keep Tigger from squashing all of Rabbit's vegetables with his bouncing. To win, beat Tigger to the carrots, using the rush command frequently, and watch which direction he's jumping in next. Win the game and you'll receive a Mythril Shard.

Torn Page #3: Monstro

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For this Torn Page, you may need the High Jump ability. Start in Monstro's mouth and head to Chamber 1. From there, enter the Chamber 2 door on the ledge, and then Chamber 3. Go through the other door in Chamber 3 to reach a higher area of Chamber 2. Now, go through the door on this ledge to enter Chamber 5, and then enter Chamber 6. Go up the tall steps, and you'll see a ledge above the highest step. Either pick up a barrel and place it near the ledge so you can jump up, or use High Jump to reach it. The chest inside contains the Torn Page.

Once you have your third Torn Page, you'll be able to go to the Hill area of the Hundred Acre Wood. Here, you must find Eeyore's tail by playing the Pooh's Swing minigame. Unfortunately, you must have Pooh land on Eeyore's house and break it into tons of tiny sticks. Once this happens, you'll learn an upgrade to your Stop spell.

Torn Page #4: Atlantica

Your fourth Torn Page is pretty easy to find. It's inside a chest in Ariel's Grotto. With this Torn Page, you can unlock Tigger's Bouncing Spot. Here, you can play the Tigger's Giant Pot minigame, where you have to deflect nuts that Tigger is throwing at you in order to make them hit a pot and break it. It's best to equip a longer keyblade like Pumpkinhead from Halloween Town in order to hit them while they are higher in the air. Once you beat this minigame, there are quite a few items that will show up in the area:

  • Jump into the hollow stump to find a chest with an AP Up inside.
  • Break open a hollow log to get a Mythril.
  • Talk to Tigger to go on the seesaw, then choose Tigger as your partner. You'll land high in the trees, where you'll see a chest on a ledge nearby. Jump over to it across the leaves to receive a Mythril Shard.
  • Choose Tigger as your seesaw partner, and then jump up the branches of the tree you land in, like a spiral staircase. You should see an item inside a hollow part of a tree nearby. Jump into that tree, and you'll slide down inside it, along with a Shield2-G gummi piece.
  • Go back to the seesaw and choose Roo as your partner this time. In the tree, grab two rare nuts, and give them to Owl for a Power Up, and a Defense Up. From that tree, you can also jump down and as you're falling, turn towards the platform and attack or glide your way onto a leafy platform with a chest that contains a Dark Matter.
  • Step onto a small stump in the back of the area, and it will be pressed into the ground like a button. Another stump will be pushed into the air on a waterspout, allowing you to reach a rare nut. Give this to Owl to get a Mythril Shard.
  • Push another stump button near the hollow log, and you'll activate another lift. From the top of this lift, jump onto another leafy platform to get a rare nut. Trade this to Owl for an AP Up.
  • Have Tigger seesaw you up high one more time, and then jump up the branches to the right onto a leafy platform where you'll find yet another rare nut. This last nut will grant you an Orichalcum.

Torn Page #5: Halloween Town

For your final Torn Page, you'll be going to Halloween Town. Go into Dr. Finklestein's lab and examine the bookshelf to grab it. Now you have the last page of Pooh's book. This will allow you to enter the Muddy Path, where you have to find everyone and gather them together:

  • Pooh: He's at the start, lock on to him to get him to follow you.
  • Eeyore: In the bush in the middle of the area.
  • Rabbit: Have Pooh walk near the holes in the wall by the well and Rabbit will run out of one.
  • Tigger: Have Pooh look at the lavender flowers near the well, then use the well yourself to reach a higher area. Tigger is here bouncing across a log. To be able to talk to him, hit the bee nest into the hole in the log, and then cast a fire spell on it.
  • Piglet: From the other side of the log where you found Tigger, have Pooh take the flowers up. Follow Pooh up onto the ledge, then take him over to Piglet hiding in the base of the tree. Piglet will reappear in a hole at ground level, so talk to him there and he'll rejoin the group.
  • Owl: Owl is flying around the area where you found Piglet. Talk to him while he's on the ground to have him join the others.
  • Roo: Roo is on top of a tree root by the middle shrubbery. Hit it to knock him down, then talk to him and he'll go with his friends.

Once you find the whole crew, you'll be able to seal the world's keyhole, and you'll also gain another Orichalcum. Congratulations on finding all of the Torn Pages and beating the Hundred Acre Woods!

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