How to Beat Fallingstar Beast in "Elden Ring"

A nasty creep that looks like the combination of a bull, an antlion, and a rock, the Fallingstar Beast is one cruel customer. With a thick hide capable of taking a lot of abuse and some brutal attacks that can quickly fell you, this creature - or, rather, these creatures - are not to be taken lightly. You'll probably need a few tries to take one down.

This guide will help you defeat the Fallingstar Beasts of Elden Ring. There are a few of them, and they're all tough to fight.

Finding the Fallingstar Beasts

There are several Fallingstar Beasts in Elden Ring, and they're in very different locations. Here's where you can find them:

  • At the end of the Sellia Crystal Tunnel in Caelid. You may find your way here through normal exploration, but you're more likely to blunder into the Sellia Crystal Tunnel by opening the trapped chest in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, located in the south of Agheel Lake. If this happens to you early in the game, make a beeline down and out of the Tunnel to warp back to Limgrave. Otherwise, if you keep climbing, you'll eventually open the path to the boss fog with the Fallingstar Beast.
  • On the Altus Plateau, just south of the massive set of stairs leading up to the Capital Outskirts. Skim along the side of the stairs and you'll find the Fallingstar Beast in a crater, held in place by a mage that you can easily dispatch.
  • On the way to Mt. Gelmir, on top of a mountain. You can use a Spirit Spring or a ladder to reach it. This one is known as a Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast and is generally stronger, but seems to use the same moveset as the normal variety.

Fallingstar Beast Moveset

The Fallingstar Beast is characterized by its surprising speed and vicious, non-stop attacks. You can expect the following attacks when fighting one:

  • The Beast will swing its pincers at you in a variety of ways. Roll or block to avoid these attacks as best you can.
  • If you're behind it the Beast will rear up and try to kick you with its back legs. This is a fast attack so you're better off just knowing it will happen rather than trying to dodge it in the moment.
  • The Beast may also try to whip you with its tail if you're behind it. The tail has a deceptively long hit box, though the Beast arcs its body in such a way that you can usually see this coming and roll out of the way.
  • The Beast will fling itself forward at a mad gallop, and if you get caught by it you'll probably get pinned against something and take additional damage. The Beast will continue to deal damage if you try to approach it while it's still running, whether or not it's stuck on a wall, so melee fighters should probably stay back.
  • The Beast will jam its jaws into the ground and fling dirt and rocks at you. Get ready to roll once its pincers sink into the ground.
  • The Beast pauses and glares at you from one side, then lunges forward and tries to grab you. If it succeeds you're in for significant amounts of damage. The key to avoiding this is to watch the Beast's body language, as it sort of looks at you from over its shoulder just before lunging.
  • The Beast will leap into the air, roll up into a wheel shape, and try to crush you flat. There's a bit of hang time before the Beast comes down so this attack is pretty easy to avoid.
  • The Beast will slow to a walk and use lighting blasts that track to your immediate location. The zaps are pretty easy to avoid.
  • The Beast will charge its pincers up with purple energy, then release an area of effect attack under you a few seconds later. Telltale sparks under your feet will let you know when this attack is about to go off, so make sure you roll out of the way.

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Note that many of these attacks will result in Bleed buildup. It's not too quick, but sustain enough damage and you'll be in for a lot of excess damage.

Halfway through the battle the Beast will begin to charge up its magic, and if you are too close it will negate gravity and raise everything up into the air for a few seconds before bringing it all down again. This can inflict a lot of damage on you, so get as far from the Beast as you can once you see the air begin to waver. After this the Beast will add a few more attacks to its repertoire:

  • The Beast will occasionally use the gravity attack again. Back as far away as you can.
  • The Beast will generate a ball of energy with its jaws and fire off a blast after a few seconds. Get in very close to the Beast and you can avoid this attack entirely, though you'll need to get away again before it goes back to normal attacks. So long as you're already close to the Beast this is a great chance to get some hits in.

Beating the Fallingstar Beast

No bones about it, this is one of the tougher fights in Elden Ring. The Fallingstar Beast will require a fair amount of practice to take down, especially if you're fighting in a field and you can't summon any human helpers.

If you're a melee combatant then most of your attacks aren't going to do a great deal of damage - unless, that is, you manage to hit the Beast in the head. You'll notice when you do that this will cause a small spurt of blood, as well as more damage than usual. Hitting the Beast's head will also cause it to stagger and fall over much more quickly, giving you a chance to stab it in the face. Watch its attacks, wait for one to end, and try to hop up and smack the Beast in the face. Back off and wait for the next attack. Continue until the Beast is toast. Sounds simple, but you really need to know how the Beast moves to survive its attacks.

Ranged fighting is a bit easier, though you still need to know how the Beast moves. Wait for its attacks, roll out of the way, get a bit of space between the two of you, and fire your projectile of choice. The head is still your target, and it's a bit easier to hit with projectiles - so long as you're facing the Beast from the front. Along the 'ranged' front, moves that leave something for the Beast to run into, such as Hoarfrost Stomp, work pretty well. It will move into the damage radius pretty quickly while chasing you around.

Ashen Spirits can help you in these fights, though they probably won't do a ton of damage and will get killed quickly thanks to the Beast's sweeping attacks. Something with range that's more likely to hit the Beast's head is recommended, such as the Ancestral Follower or Marionette Soldiers.

You'll get a bunch of items for beating the various Fallingstar Beasts, though perhaps of greatest use is the Somberstone Miner's Bell Bearing [1] carried by the Fallingstar Beast in Sellia Crystal Tunnel.