The Best Free Merge Games!

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The "merge" game genre has become quite popular in recent years. Merge games are an update of traditional match-3 games, where instead of just matching three of the same items together to clear them from the screen, you combine three (or more) of the same item to create a new item, and so on.

Merge games are simple, but addictive and fun, and I love playing them! If you're new to the genre, or just looking for your next addiction, look no further than this list!

The Best Merge Games

Here's my list of the best merge games for your mobile devices!

  • Merge Dragons
  • EverMerge
  • Merge Witches
  • Wonder Merge
  • Merge Magic!
  • Triple Town

Merge Dragons!

Merge Dragons! is one of the most popular games in the genre, and for good reason! It's got adorable graphics, lots of items to merge, hundreds of levels to unlock, regular events to play, and there's something so addictive about collecting dragons and levelling them up.

Merge Dragons is free to download and play on Android and iOS devices.


On the surface, EverMerge may seem like another stereotypical match-3/merge game, but it has more to it than meets the eye. Yes, your main goal is to collect three or more of the same item and combine them to make something else. However, there's a cute, fantasy storyline to play through, a world to build, crops to grow, and food to make to please the characters. I really like EverMerge, and the game is popular enough to have spun off its own sub-genre of merge/world-building games.

EverMerge is free to download on Android and iOS devices.

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Merge Witches

Merge Witches is more of the traditional merge game, but that's not a bad thing. While the gameplay is very similar to other games in the genre, its setting filled with magical witches, cats, and other fantasy creatures sets it apart. There's also a ton of fun levels, mini-games, and challenges you can play as you advance through the game.

Merge Witches is available for free download on Android and iOS devices.

Wonder Merge

Wonder Merge is another cute merging game; this time, set in a fantasy world with adorable dragons, cute unicorns, magic spells, wondrous plants, and more! This game is very similar (almost identical, even) to Merge Dragons, but the cute graphics really set it apart. The dragons in Wonder Merge also don't sleep as long, meaning you don't have to wait too long for them to wake up and harvest flowers and plants again.

Wonder Merge is free on Android and iOS devices.

Merge Magic!

Merge Magic! is from the same creators of Merge Dragons! so if its gameplay seems familiar, that's why. The gameplay consists of collecting and hatching eggs to unlock new magical creatures, advancing through levels, and "healing" the land on your home base to create more space for the fantasy creatures you collect.

Merge Magic is free on Android and iOS devices.

Triple Town

Released in 2010, Triple Town may just be the first-ever merge game released! Despite its age, it still holds strong as a fun and unique merge game. Merge bushes, rocks, houses, and more, to create a town for the tiny people that inhabit the map- but watch out for the bears!

Triple Town is free to download on Android and iOS devices, and can also be purchased for PC via Steam.

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