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If you've played the mobile game Two Dots, you're probably familiar with their Scavenger Hunt mini-game. The Scavenger Hunt consists of beautiful, intricately drawn maps, where tiny details are hidden for you to reveal and find. There's no time limit in searching, you can unlock more parts of the map as you complete each level, and the artwork is always stunning and filled with cute and quirky animations and sound effects.

Like many players, I love the Scavenger Hunts. There are a few downsides, unfortunately. There are only a limited number of levels per hunt, and once you've solved the map, you can't play again. The other downside is that the Scavenger Hunts pop up on the game infrequently (usually around seasonal times of the year; for Christmas or Valentine's Day), and they are only temporary (they disappear once the season ends). You also have to spend premium currency to play past the first two or three levels of each hunt, which means you might have to spend real money to keep playing.

Unfortunately, the creators of Two Dots seem to have no plans to make a standalone app just for the Scavenger Hunts, despite many fans on social media asking for one.

I've searched high and low for similar games to the Two Dots Scavenger Hunt. I'll be honest in saying nothing I've found scratches the itch quite the same, but here are some worthy alternatives.

Dream Detective

Dream Detective is an interactive hidden object game. It's most similar to the Two Dots Scavenger Hunts due to its intricate artwork, colourful design, and fun animations. There are many levels to play through, with traditional seek-and-find maps, as well as other mini-games and puzzles that'll keep you stimulated.

This is probably my favourite choice for similar Scavenger Hunt-type games.

Dream Detective is free on Android and iOS, and it is also available for purchase on PC via Steam.

Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is a hand-drawn hidden object game. Similar to the Scavenger Hunt, there are interactive parts on the map that allow you to find and reveal the hidden people, animals, and objects within.

Many fans love Hidden Folks as a Scavenger Hunt alternative. Personally, it didn't draw me in as much, as all the artwork is black and white, and missing some of the same beauty and charm that the Scavenger Hunt has. Still, you may enjoy seeking and finding in this hidden object game!

Hidden Folks is available for purchase on Android, iOS, and Steam.

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Hidden Through Time

Hidden Through Time is a hidden object game that takes you through, well, time, as you search for hidden objects throughout history. The maps are large and coloured, with lots of little hidden features to find and discover. There's also an in-game map creator, which allows you to create your own hidden object level and share it with other players through the cloud!

I enjoyed this game, but actually found it a bit too difficult in comparison to the others on this list (and even compared with the Two Dots Scavenger Hunt). Some hidden objects are so small and obscurely hidden, that I had a hard time finding them and lost interest. The sketch-drawn art style and muted colour palette (most maps are in orange, yellow, and green colours) were also a turn-off for me. I know I sound picky, but the Two Dots Scavenger Hunt has severely spoiled me. Still, this game is cute and engaging enough to try.

Hidden Through Time is available for purchase on Android, iOS, and Steam.

Krispee Street

Krispee Street is a hidden object game based on the webcomic, "Krispee." The game features maps with characters from the webcomic hidden throughout. The gameplay is a bit different from traditional hidden object games, as you're given the character you're looking for and have to drag and drop them to their match on the map.

This game has some of the same quirkiness as the Scavenger Hunt, and the art style and music are charming, too. Even without being familiar with the webcomic, I had fun finding the characters. The game also appears to get regular updates with new maps.

Krispee Street is available on iOS devices, and Android devices if you are a Netflix subscriber.

Find Out: Find Hidden Objects!

Find Out: Find Hidden Objects! is an puzzle and hidden object game. You play through different scenes and have to uncover hidden objects by interacting with the objects in each scene, or solving puzzles to find clues and objects.

This game is probably the least similar to the Scavenger Hunt, but I'm still including it because I had a lot of fun playing with it. The scenes are small (usually they just consist of one area, like a bedroom, kitchen, or barber shop), and the artwork is cartoony, but I had fun trying to solve the puzzles, find clues, and uncover the hidden objects.

Find Out: Find Hidden Objects! is avaliable on Android and iOS.

Scavenger Hunt!

I want to quickly mention Scavenger Hunt! By Popcore GmbH. I feel this game was released as a direct attempt to copy the Two Dots Scavenger Hunt, and while it does hit some of the same notes (colourful art style, jam-packed maps with hidden objects, fun animations), it also gives off a cash-grab vibe. The game is filled with intrusive ads, lacks music, and currently only has a few levels to play.

Chances are you'll see this game when searching "Scavenger Hunt" in the Google Play or App Store in search of an official Two Dots Scavenger Hunt game. But for now, I'd say skip this one, unless they release some updates to address the issues above.

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