The Best Wholesome and Cute Games for Android and iOS!

Brittany is a mobile gaming addict! Her favourite genres are simulation, casual, RPG, tycoon, fashion, adventure, puzzle, and city-builders.

With the huge popularity of games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, gamers and trends are starting to shift from first-person shooters to games revolving around cuddly anthropomorphic animal friends and games that focus on collecting and crafting.

If you enjoy games that make you feel that cozy, warm feeling, but are looking for a mobile gaming experience, here's my list of the best wholesome and cute free games on Android and iOS devices!

Animal Restaurant

Animal Restaurant is a business simulation idle game, where you help a stray cat set up and run his own restaurant in the middle of the forest. The gameplay is similar to most idle/"clicker" games, where you have to tap buttons to increase production/money, but there's a lot of items you can upgrade, events to play, lovely animation, and charming animal characters (bunnies, and bears, and foxes, oh my!) to serve.

I usually get pretty bored with idle/clicker games, but this is one of my favourites! The animals are so cute and the story and characters are really charming, as well. It's addicting to level up and decorate the restaurant, and you want to keep coming back to see how much cod (in-game currency) you've earned!

Furistas Cat Café

I am the lucky owner of three sweet kitties, and I love anything to do with cats, so if you're anything like me, you'll love Furistas Cat Café!

This is another lite-management game, though this time, you're running a cat café, and it's your job to match customers to cats, decorate the café, serve food and drinks to patrons, and keep the cats happy.

This game is SO cute; I love the art style, I love the cats (look at how their eyes are drawn! Just swoon-worthy!), I love the sound effects, I love the mini-games where you have to pet the kitties or feed them snacks- really, I love it all. Any cat lover will appreciate this game!

Adorable Home

Adorable Home is a mix between a home decorating and a pet sim; you get to create yourself and your partner in the game (and later unlock a baby and nursery, if you wish), decorate several rooms of your home with furniture, plant in and tend to a garden, cook meals for your partner, and- a main part of the gameplay- adopt and care for a variety of cats!

This idle game is a bit slower than some of the others, as the timers for the cat mini-games or to feed your partner and receive love (the in-game currency) are usually a few hours long, but the art style and cute kitties keep me coming back for more!


You're probably thinking, "Another cat game?", but hear me out- Cats&Soup is super cute!

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This game is very similar to Animal Restaurant- it's another idle/restaurant management game with lots of clicking, but the art design is really sweet, the music is so soothing and calm, and the animals are so adorable. I particularly love that you can dress up the animal workers in different unlockable clothes and hats. You can also name each cat that works in the forest and even decorate their rooms with furniture. It's all so charming!

Pocket Love

Pocket Love is by Hyperbeard, the same creators of Adorable Home, and it's another wholesome and cute game.

In this game, the main focus is interior design. You can still create yourself and a partner, and, of course, adopt a cat or a dog, but most of the game is unlocking rooms in your home and buying furniture, wallpaper, and flooring to decorate with.

The design style is aesthetically pleasing with vibrant pastel colors. Right now the gameplay is a little limited (as there are only four rooms to decorate), but there's a ton of furniture to pick from and hundreds of ways to design your home!

Hungry Hearts Diner

As far as actual story and gameplay go, Hungry Hearts Diner is probably the best game on this list.

Sure, the art style is similar to the others with cute characters and animation, however, it's the story that really brings those warm and wholesome feelings while playing. You help the main character, a sweet little grandma, run her restaurant in Japan. While serving customers, you also get to learn her backstory and the stories of other family, friends, and residents of the town.

Cooking and levelling up the traditional Japanese meals is super fun, as is trying to figure out favourite meals of return customers and learning more about their lives. This game is free, but it's really of the same quality of a premium/paid game with a well-written story that definitely tugged on my heartstrings more than once. I can't recommend this game enough!

Once you've finished the first game, be sure to check out the sequels/spin-offs, Hungry Hearts Diner 2 and Showa Candy Shop!

Neko Atsume

Neko Atsume is the original "cat collecting" game. Similar to some of the other games on this list, the main task here is to adopt a variety of cats by leaving out food and toys that'll attract them.

The cats are- you guessed it- so cute, and you'll want to keep coming back to see which new cat you've unlocked and to marvel at your collection of kitties!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The term "wholesome game" is pretty much synonymous with the Animal Crossing game series now, so this list would be incomplete without including Animal Crossing's mobile offering, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Pocket Camp takes most of the Animal Crossing experience you'd get on consoles and condenses it to a mobile game: move in villagers, decorate your camp, collect resources, and craft items.

If you love Animal Crossing but want to play it on your phone, Pocket Camp is the perfect mini-Animal Crossing experience!

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