Top 10 Heroes in "Star Wars Battlefront 2"

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Battlefront 2 History

Star Wars Battlefront 2 released with a wave of controversy, with fans appreciating its smooth gameplay but (understandably) loathing its microtransactions. Thankfully, EA did away with those and, thanks to continued support, crafted one of the best multiplayer Star Wars games of all time.

Playing as the various infantry forms the meat of the game, but several modes let you control infamous heroes and villains, each with a unique set of three abilities—which reign supreme? These are the 10 best characters in Star Wars Battlefront 2!

Note we're examining this from a "Heroes vs Villains" perspective (which forgoes infantry to have the franchise's most iconic fighters battle in team matches); some characters perform better or worse in the all-out war of Galactic Assault.

10. Darth Maul

Affiliation: Dark
Role: DPS

Utilizing speed and aggression, Maul moves and strikes quickly, overwhelming foes with a brutal assault and the fastest saber swing speed in the game. His health is solid at 700, and his saberstaff covers a decent range when swung.

Maul's only real issue is somewhat problematic specials (each hero has three unique moves that can be used again after a cooldown). His saber throw offers range but leaves him vulnerable, Choke works better on groups of infantry, and Spin Attack isn't terribly strong, although its acceleration can be used as an escape tool.

9. General Grievous

Affiliation: Dark
Role: 1v1 DPS

Grievous excels in 1v1 combat; his biggest weakness is how quickly his stamina drains blocking fire, making him worse at fighting infantry, but terrific against heroes. He has fantastic base health (800) and regeneration capacity, plus he inflicts extra damage when attacking from behind.

Grievous also had several tools to fuel his advance, with two of his specials propelling him forwards while the other slowly advances while deflecting frontal assaults.

8. Obi-Wan Kenobi

Affiliation: Light
Role: Tank, Support

A master of defense, Obi-Wan waits for openings to unleash careful strikes, utilizing his increased stamina and max regen to outlast foes. His health also impresses at 750, and he wields an impressive array of abilities.

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These include a chargeable Force Push, a mind trick that disables enemy abilities, and a rush that deflects frontal attacks while propelling Obi-Wan forward when he's ready to strike.

7. Count Dooku

Affiliation: Dark
Role: 1v1 DPS

Dooku's all about outmaneuvering and overwhelming a single target at a time. He has strong stamina and three dodges instead of the typical two, and he's surprisingly fortified at 750 health.

His specials impress as well, including a Lightning Stun that damages and incapacitates multiple foes, an effect that increases his saber damage and speed, and Expose Weakness, which slows foes, reduces their defense, and instantly refreshes the ability if Dooku kills them.

6. Emperor Palpatine

Affiliation: Dark
Role: Mid-range crowd control

Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, doesn't fight with a blade, instead shooting Force Lightning, which can be alternated with both hands for a constant barrage or shot together for a ferocious assault. Its wide trajectory makes Palpatine effective against multiple foes and at mid-range. His abilities further aid his assault, offering lightning attacks that stun targets and a dark aura that automatically damages foes in its wake.

The Emperor has no saber block; his defense stems from his excellent dodge, allowing skilled players to maintain distance and bombard foes from afar. But be careful, as crafty foes can dodge with Palpatine and keep applying pressure, which can overwhelm him in close quarters.

5. Kylo Ren

Affiliation: Dark
Role: Crowd Control, DPS

Kylo Ren blends speed with damage, plus a hefty reservoir of 750 health. He's also great at interfering with enemy movement thanks to his Force Pull and Freeze abilities; or, he can rapidly strike at opponents with Frenzy.

In short, Kylo's a well-rounded hero who gets even better in team fights.

4. Han Solo

Affiliation: Light
Role: Ranged DPS

The only blaster-wielding character in today's list, you can tell Han's a winner by his unparallel ranged damage. This comes at the cost of low health (650) and no saber defense, but merely keeping his distance provides a layer of protection.

Han also has useful specials, including a detonite bomb he can explode at will and a shoulder charge that can knock down foes or be used to dash away from danger. There's also Sharpshooter, which lets him fire more rapidly for a bit. Keep your distance and bombard foes from afar; for best results, ally with tanks who can draw away aggro.

3. Anakin Skywalker

Affiliation: Light
Role: DPS, tank

Anakin ties for highest health at 800, and with considerable damage output, he hits hard. He has two different abilities to influence positioning, one pulling foes in and one pushing them away, plus a guard-breaking strike for heavy damage.

But what really helps set Anakin apart is a unique fourth ability, Retribution, which automatically charges as he and allies take damage; once charged, he unleashes a powerful attack that chokes and knocks down foes in its range.

2. Luke Skywalker

Affiliation: Light
Role: DPS

In sheer sprint speed, Luke is the fastest character in the game, and he's got impressive health regen, letting him excel as a hit-and-run fighter. But toss in fortified stamina and an ability that increases damage as he injures opponents and he can hold his own in extended fights as well.

Luke has simple but effective abilities: a Force Push, an area-of-effect Repulse, and an especially useful Rush that enhances his speed, especially when combined with dodges.

1. Darth Vader

Affiliation: Dark
Role: Tank, DPS

While Vader is admittedly slower than other heroes, he more than compensates with heavy damage and amazing health (800 base), especially since he can boost it with his Focused Rage, which also reduces stamina drain and increases his damage.

Vader also wields a Lightsaber Throw to handle foes attempting to out-range him, as well as a Force Choke that can hit multiple enemies for some crowd control. While he won't dash across maps, Vader's almost universally agreed upon as the best hero-slaying character in the game.

The Future of Battlefront

With no new content planned, Battlefront 2's run is officially over, but players can still enjoy its numerous formats until the inevitable Battlefront 3. With Disney's impressive ensemble of new shows and films, the future will undoubtedly add new characters and locations for future games, but for now, vote for your favorite hero and I'll see you at our next Star Wars countdown!

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